February 15, 2014

Her husband has fallen in love with someone

This former almost A list sugary sweet pop star who wasn't a bad actress either is now a married C list celebrity but still has that A list name recognition. She doesn't do anything except revel in being married to a guy who lets her be with her girlfriend which was really becoming difficult prior to marriage. People would always ask her about her relationships. Now they don't. The problem is her husband has fallen in love with someone so things could get tricky soon.
September 20, 2013

She really wants to be pregnant

Despite multiple miscarriages and IVF that didn't work, this former A list celebrity/singer who is now a C list celebrity/singer/actress with A list name recognition refuses to go the surrogate route with her husband because she really wants to be pregnant. The strain on her marriage has been incredible and everyone she knows is shocked the couple have stayed married this long.