June 2, 2014

It’s not that her husband is avoiding sex

This singer has been dropping hints that she and her celebrity husband are pregnant. She is not. It’s all just for attention. You see, they are actively developing "story lines" to make themselves more interesting and marketable as a couple. The pregnancy story line is one of them. In fact, they believe that this particular story line will be so popular that you can expect to see this same particular publicity tease over and over again for at least the next year! She really does want to be pregnant. We just don’t know how that’s going to happen. It’s not that her husband is avoiding sex. He has been having sex… although not necessarily with her.|
June 1, 2014

She is trying to get people to think she is pregnant

This B list entertainer (singer) is trying to get people to think she is pregnant, but that just isn't going to happen unless her actor husband goes in for a little procedure.
May 9, 2014

Thank you so much for everything. Best Wishes.

This is one for the ages... These two C-listers have been at war for years. One has a household name and a fading star, the other has newer somewhat inconsistent fame, but manages to keep working. A while back, the newer celeb had a bid of a skid-out in the public, and the other C-lister pounced on this with everything she had, hoping to raise her star again through the rival's misfortune. It sort of worked for half a minute because she landed a tentative network gig, but since then everything personally and professionally has been coming undone again.
May 6, 2014

She needs the money and the credit is tapped out

This C-List celebrity with A-list tabloid recognition, wants the world to think she's in very high demand, but the fact is, she's just hyping the scraps coming her way. Sure, her pilot was picked up, but she's getting paid peanuts, and it comes with a rigorous filming schedule. Something she's never had to do, and a work ethic isn't exactly her thing. Her rider has been rejected four times, and if she doesn't quit making diva demands, she will be replaced by this much more likeable C-list country singer.
April 27, 2014

He was gone already and his phone was turned off

This C-list celebrity couple has this image of bliss in the press they, or really she, like to project onto the world, but they're pretty legendary for their endless sniping at one another. It's usually her squawking at him, but he gets a zinger in every now and then. She wanted some photo ops with him on this trip, but he flatly refused, because these days he doesn't do anything for her that isn't contractually obligated. She had a photog friend ready to go at a restaurant, and when he spotted the camera, shouted that if his face got in any of the frames, they would regret it. His wife, who was a pitcher or four of margaritas in, got so mad that they couldn't get the pics she ended up dumping a plate of tacos in her spouse's lap and leaving with the photographer. They later came back to pick him up, but he was gone already and his phone was turned off.
April 26, 2014

She has been a total nightmare on her current project that she needs to pay the bills and she’s about to get canned

If ever there were a fight that needed Pay Per View, it's this one. I would seriously spend huge money to see these two sad sacks hiss at each other then start yanking weaves. They're both C-listers, and their lives are pretty interchangeable. One embraces their crappy life and markets the crap out of it, while the other tries to paint a picture of perfect bliss, when their life is probably even worse. Both have projects that are about to highlight their lives, but one is getting a ton of hype and attention for airing all of her crusties, and it is infuriating the other C-lister, because her project is set to debut just as the other C-lister's is going to wrap up, and the deals are all going to the C-lister being honest about her life instead of the C-lister trying to sell a fairy tale. Now the angry C-lister is demanding a week's worth of re-shooting in order to bring some drama to the show. 'Real' drama like her own spouse's philandering and their money problems. Both her spouse and the network refuse, and it's making her completely insane. So much so that she's been a total nightmare on her current project that she needs to pay the bills and she's about to get canned.
April 3, 2014

They’ll do anything to win that battle at this point. Anything.

It's been a rough weekend for this C-list celebrity. First, their significant other/spouse was gone and really no where to be found when the celebrity was trying to convince the world that they were blissfully happy and together. Right now they're going through one of their phases of not speaking to each other after a headline made the news the spouse specifically planted to set the celebrity off. The celebrity immediately blamed the spouse's ex for causing the rift between him, and has once again set their sights on a complete public tear down. The celebrity had been waiting to do this in court, but now feels like there's nothing like the court of public opinion to do the dirty work. Especially since the celebrity's new projects are going to go head to head with the ex's. They'll do anything to win that battle at this point. Anything.
March 31, 2014

He might be back on the weed and/or pills

What C-list mostly television actor who is married to a publicity hungry entertainer/celebrity is sparking rumors that he might be back on the weed and/or pills? He was spotting at an event for his children, looking 30 pounds heavier.