March 14, 2014

Family member wearing nothing but heels

Apparently there is a video taken by a guy who is friends with this former reality star who comes from a family that only does reality shows. The video is of a very young, definitely under age member of the same family that is similar to one that many people saw. The only difference is the other one has the family member wearing nothing but heels.
February 21, 2014

Luckily, security stopped her before she walked out the door

This under-30 celebrity has been photographed a lot lately. She hasn’t really done anything important yet, but she is young and beautiful and comes from a famous family, and thus is watchable. How would her family feel if they knew that their beautiful little girl could have been arrested a few days ago? Our celebrity ran into a woman who was well-dressed for a New York Fashion Week event. The celeb admired her jewelry, which had been loaned to her by a stylist as part of her ensemble. After the event was over, the woman gave everything back to the stylist… but the jewelry soon went missing! Now, this wasn’t costume jewelry.
February 18, 2014

He stayed at a male friend’s house near the Beverly Hills Hotel

This cute star spends an awful lot of time and energy trying to fool people! During a recent visit to Los Angeles, he staged photos of himself at various hotels and private homes and restaurants around town to try to trick you into thinking that he was staying there or spending lots of time with certain people. For example, he entered a high-end hotel, had someone photograph him in the recognizable lobby, immediately departed, and then had someone post the pic on Twitter to spread the word Fans thought he was staying there… but he wasn’t! Another time, he rented a second car that matched the one he had been spotted driving around town.
January 23, 2014

Young people of Hollywood: Resume your freak out!

You may be aware that a celebrity is concerned that his cell phone was seized by police. He knows that there are photos and film clips of him on there in various states of undress and doing various drugs. However, there is a much bigger story behind the cell phone that only we know about! The bigger story is about who else is on the cell phone! For the past two days, half of young Hollywood has been freaking the fuck out about the seizure. Why? Because many of them were snapped and filmed while they were in various states of undress and while they were drinking and doing drugs (pot, coke, pills).
January 13, 2014

PR relationship he is in with a young female celebrity is still scheduled to end before Valentine’s Day

Fans of this guy with the messy hair style are forever debating his romantic exploits. Well, we have several updates that should clarify things for you! First of all, he is no longer dating that guy who is involved with the music industry (but who is not a singer). They are still friends and still hang out together, but Messy Guy has moved on to another guy whose job has a similar description. Secondly, he and his Ex are getting along much better lately. No, they are not back together. Yet. Third, as of today, that short-term PR relationship he is in with a young female celebrity is still scheduled to end before Valentine’s Day. If there are any more extensions, we’ll let you know.
December 20, 2013

He was not interested in that one, and he is not interested in this one

We just got some news about this fauxmance that was set to expire two weeks from now! We told you that if things went well that the contract might be extended after the initial month. Well, it just happened! The guy’s team is discussing extending the contract for one more month. This means that, as of now, instead of ending around New Year’s, the relationship would end approximately the first week of February. Why the extension? Well, the fauxmance accomplishing its objectives. It is helping the guy stay in the headlines and is helping to sell his newest project. The girl is also benefiting from the arrangement. To her credit, she has been easy for him to get along with, and has been a real pro in playing it coy but still cooperating in all of those public-but-pretending-to-be-private meet ups. Not a huge surprise given that she comes from a family that knows how to work the publicity machine.
November 28, 2013

It was all incredibly juvenile but was the best part of the whole night

American Music Awards: Apparently there was a little mini-catfight last night backstage. This A+ list celebrity/singer made a comment about a celebrity ex to this wannabe celebrity/reality star and the wannabe celebrity made a comment about the A lister being a prude and that the A lister should learn to suck cock. It was all incredibly juvenile but was the best part of the whole night.
November 22, 2013

He is not her type, and she is definitely not his type

Could these two hot, young stars really be dating? Why is he doing this? How long is this going to continue? Could this be a real romance? Well, we spoke to an insider and we have all the answers for you! Are they really dating? They went out on one date. It was set up by their people. If you consider two people being set up to have one meal together to be dating, then they are dating.