September 19, 2013

His current wife is no exception

This back in the day boy bander who has now come full circle after not finding much success in between with other projects (reality tv) is a good looking guy. He seems nice and definitely has women who want him. Each time he has been married though his wives cheat the second they get a chance. His current wife is no exception and if not for his much larger income she would move on and away from the marriage. His latest wife did cheat while they were dating and seems to go for the dumb but sexy kind of guy. Generally low level C list actors. One was on a recently canceled remake of a hit show.
September 10, 2013

He was convinced she was trying to get pregnant

This A list celebrity/former singer and now reality star and possible future singer was being discussed over the weekend by her celebrity ex who doesn't play music but does play something else. He says that when they were dating that they would have sex and after it was over the celebrity would tell him that she forgot to take her pill. She would do this frequently. He was convinced she was trying to get pregnant and if he tried to use a condom she would refuse to have sex with him.
August 24, 2013

The first person he calls is his future celebrity sister-in-law

You have never seen in-laws get along as well as these two, except they are not in-laws yet. He does not have many friends. He is kind of in lock down mode and doesn't get to leave the house much. When he gets a new stash of Bolivia's finest, the first person he calls is his future celebrity sister-in-law. She appreciates it just as much as he does and if she happens to sometime sit on his lap while she does it that is ok right? It is not like he has married her A list celebrity sister yet.
August 18, 2013

She started crying from laughing so hard

This A+ list celebrity who used to be a pretty popular singer and a horrible actress was talking to friends the other night about the time she hooked up with this A+ list mostly movie actor a few years ago. They had dinner and then went back to her hotel.
July 18, 2013

Our mystery lady’s fetish for Black men

VERY few know about our mystery lady’s fetish for Black men — a secret DL thang her reported bi-sexual father is said to share with her. Don’t believe me.. Ask Pete Wentz. This ‘Chicken Head of The Sea’ is now being outed! Know why? Sources say she made Young Jeezy’s long list of industry hoes who busted it wide open for him. Don’t believe me.. Just ask the "Come On Over" singer’s BFF, Cacee Cobb