October 23, 2016

He dumped his long time girlfriend just to have a shot at our actress.

I guess it was about a year ago, give or take a couple of months that I told you that this A+ list mostly movie actress was in danger of being replaced as this A list director’s muse/part-time hookup. The frequent co-star of the A+ lister has been spending a lot of time talking up the woman he calls his girlfriend. The girlfriend has not acted much, but the director has been open to the idea because he feels like the A+ list actress screwed him over and was using him just to get roles that would get her critical acclaim. Well, if the director has moved on, our A+ list actress needed to find a new director who would want to cast her.
June 28, 2014

He found time to cheat on his model fiance

Which soccer superstar has been injured, but he's still found time to cheat on his model fiance with one of his favorite hookers... who happens to be transgender?