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January 21, 2020

2 blinds in a row

As I predicted, this celebrity offspring actress missed acting and came back to the US and is now being cheated on by her significant other. / The tabloids are in a predicament. They are being asked to trash the late night actor, but the star is waning for the people who are asking. The late night actor sells issues and gets clicks. Drugs will probably kill him in the next few months.
September 14, 2019

2 blinds in a row

Judging by how they interacted with each other when they crossed paths, which is to say they pretended to not know each other, it looks like things are back to their version of normal between the actress offspring of an actress offspring and this foreign born former co-star. / The permanent A list "singer" has no idea how things are going to go from bad to worse if this latest move is approved.
August 8, 2019

I’m not sure why she wants to be known as the girlfriend

Apparently this A- list celebrity offspring of two generations has gone back to her old ways of letting guys treat her like crap. I'm not sure why she wants to be known as the girlfriend of the foreign born A list singer knowing he is hooking up with multiple women.
June 26, 2019

It was a career killer.

Even with the help of her mother, this A-/B+ list actress is barely getting any work and the work she is getting is not that great. This is why so many people turned down the franchise role she took. It was a career killer.
June 25, 2019

It appears they have split.

As I told you a few weeks ago when the world would not stop talking about the celebrity offspring from two generations being pregnant, I said, that would be awkward considering the foreign born A/A- list singer was cheating on her. Now, it appears they have split.
February 13, 2019

He is tiring of her and would like someone new to play with.

This A- list mostly movie actress who is a celebrity offspring of parents more famous was going to turn down a recent movie offer but her foreign born A list celebrity insisted she take it. He is tiring of her and would like someone new to play with. She has been refusing jobs just to be near him and he is beginning to dislike that a lot.
December 1, 2018

2 blinds in a row

She seems like a big movie star because of that franchise she had. The thing is though, if her new movie is a bomb, this A- list mostly movie actress/celebrity offspring is going to start getting shut out of the good roles. / This former B list celebrity turned reality star turned part-time po-rn star is broke. Her booze and drug habit is so out of control that whatever she makes from sleeping with men for money just goes straight to drugs.
November 15, 2018

The only thing that made him stop was when he got married.

Back when he was at his A+ list peak and everyone wanted to be him and dress like him, this actor who has produced celebrity offspring would head each winter to his house in Aspen. There, he would sign up for beginning ski classes. Often, the classes would be filled with tweens and teens just learning to ski.