January 22, 2014

She’ll cook up something crazy and torch it like always

These two C-listers have a common bond...another C-lister that made them look like awful people (because they are) and had some B-list moments in the sun because of it. Even though the C-list couple have had about four horrible months and the relationship is most likely doomed, they have closed ranks and have decided to capitalize on the other C-lister's controversies. The wife of the relationship is tickled that this might be the way to keep her husband around for a while, and make him happy...and he is... and well he's just an opportunistic douche that likes to see people suffer whether or not he caused the suffering himself or not.
January 17, 2014

On their latest ‘family’ getaway, she only saw him twice

This C-list singer has had a low profile recently which is generating buzz that her new team has finally gotten her to agree to rehab. Nope. She's going to 'therapy' a couple of hours a day to shut everyone up and make it look like she's trying to be healthy, but she's back in her place of being an obsessive wingnut fueled by stimulants and booze. Her most recent record deal fell completely through the floor, and it was really her only shot at signing anything on a major label, even if it was mostly overseas. The biggest part of the problem with the deal was that they wanted her to cut her Svengali/chief enabler loose and work with some of the writers and producers she's had success with in the past, and she flat out refused.
December 9, 2013

Threesome romp with Kate Moss and Johnny Depp

This Real Housewife had a drug fueled threesome romp with Kate Moss and Johnny Depp back in the day.
November 28, 2013

He believes to this day it was his baby

This once B-list entertainer who flirted with the A-list a little bit, but always had the A-list name recognition, had a torrid affair with this C-list mostly television actor that made all the headlines way back when. They were both married to non famous people at the time of their affair. The entertainer was running around a lot on her husband during this time period and discovered she was pregnant. She was happy because she thought it would be a great way to snag the actor and make him leave his wife and kids. A little love child to make things right, and have him on the hook for 18 years.
November 24, 2013

The reality star is going to get dropped

So this B-list reality star was on their last legs with their new team, after a very public gaffe. They promised to clean up their act and toe the line, but not 24 hours had another very public face palm moment. The reality star failed to give the team a heads up that the embarrassing moment happened, so they weren't able to prevent the story from running.
November 13, 2013

It’s almost romantic and cute when you think about it

These two, one a television star, and one a once television star and now tabloid darling, were together for years, had a bad breakup, and went their separate ways. He's now married to a celebrity with A-list name recognition, and she has a non famous boyfriend. Well, in the past when the exes have been on the outs, they would run into each other everywhere, and it would always end with a heated exchange between them, or between the new wife. They would run into one another at restaurants around town at least three or four times a week. In the last few months, the couple has been talking, and there is definitely a spark there still. It's probably why when things got bad in the past, they would vehemently hate each other. But they have both seemed to grow up a bit over the years, and can't deny that they miss each other. No plans to reunite. That probably won't happen. But what is happening are some clandestine hookups when they all run into each other around town.
November 12, 2013

The identity of the mistress would probably surprise you

This award-winning performer’s husband has been cheating on her since the beginning of their marriage. In fact, he is cheating on her right now with another female celebrity. The identity of the mistress would probably surprise you. Wife knows all about the affair, but is reluctant to file for divorce. That’s because this marriage keeps her in the spotlight…
November 6, 2013

He was actually shocked he woke up in his own bed the next morning

This mostly television actor was recently sharing a story with his bros about the last time he and his celebrity wife were intimate...completely ok with the horrified people all around him staring... They haven't been intimate in weeks, and before then, the only way they would be intimate was after a night of drinking and Molly. He's told people it's the ONLY way he can...uh...perform. **shudders** Well, the last time they were **pukes** intimate, was after she lavished him with some big purchases after a big fight, and they were on the make-up cycle of their relationship.