May 6, 2014

She needs the money and the credit is tapped out

This C-List celebrity with A-list tabloid recognition, wants the world to think she's in very high demand, but the fact is, she's just hyping the scraps coming her way. Sure, her pilot was picked up, but she's getting paid peanuts, and it comes with a rigorous filming schedule. Something she's never had to do, and a work ethic isn't exactly her thing. Her rider has been rejected four times, and if she doesn't quit making diva demands, she will be replaced by this much more likeable C-list country singer.
April 23, 2014

Because she is insane. Sleep with one eye open, girl.

This C-list reality star tends to make a living on her feuds. There's always someone to have beef with, and for the most part it's harmless and keeps her employed. Except this time she's going to war with this former B-list mostly movie actress, turned C-list crazy person, and she doesn't quite know who she's dealing with. What's their feud about?
April 16, 2014

The only way to get ratings and job security is to bring the crazy

This C-list reality star, has a project that could make her a crossover star outside of her fanbase, but the minute she stepped on the set, she's been a complete nightmare, with demands, drunken tirades, gunning for certain co-stars, and even hitting on one of the co stars to the point he asked production to keep them apart because she wasn't taking no for an answer, and he was feeling uncomfortable.
April 3, 2014

They’ll do anything to win that battle at this point. Anything.

It's been a rough weekend for this C-list celebrity. First, their significant other/spouse was gone and really no where to be found when the celebrity was trying to convince the world that they were blissfully happy and together. Right now they're going through one of their phases of not speaking to each other after a headline made the news the spouse specifically planted to set the celebrity off. The celebrity immediately blamed the spouse's ex for causing the rift between him, and has once again set their sights on a complete public tear down. The celebrity had been waiting to do this in court, but now feels like there's nothing like the court of public opinion to do the dirty work. Especially since the celebrity's new projects are going to go head to head with the ex's. They'll do anything to win that battle at this point. Anything.
March 31, 2014

She wants that best seller, and her name in every tabloid for months

This once A-list child star, now C-list celebrity clinging to the few gigs she has left has started shopping around a tell all memoir. Only unlike her rival's best seller, she's going to name names and provide pictures. The problem? She was underage for most of her encounters, REALLY underage for this encounter with this B list musician/actor, and he isn't the only one. There's probably about 15 high profile guys she slept with between the ages of 14-17, all in their 20's at the time. Coming out with this should destroy a lot of families and lives. She doesn't care. She wants that best seller, and her name in every tabloid for months.
March 24, 2014

It’s about to get really dirty, and really ugly.

This Real Housewife is a hot mess. Nothing new to report there. She's under a huge amount of stress again legally and professionally, and has turned to self medicating the wrong way. The ones she's about to engage in an epic legal battle with know this, and are doing everything they can to get in her head and torpedo her, not to mention they have one of their personal paps tailing her hoping for that one glorious 'getting carried out of da club' shot that will not only kill her career, but her legal battle as well. This C-list retired athlete has taken the Real Housewife under his wing and is trying to coach her through this bad time, and luckily was there to chase off this photog when she was getting carried out of the back entrance of a restaurant recently. It's about to get really dirty, and really ugly.
February 10, 2014

She ended up about $5000 in the hole

This B list reality star on a middling hit cable show ended up owing money to the company that was paying her the other night. The reality star got hammered and started popping champagne bottles to really expensive brands and pouring them on people. She ended up about $5000 in the hole and will never get hired by the company again.
January 22, 2014

She’ll cook up something crazy and torch it like always

These two C-listers have a common bond...another C-lister that made them look like awful people (because they are) and had some B-list moments in the sun because of it. Even though the C-list couple have had about four horrible months and the relationship is most likely doomed, they have closed ranks and have decided to capitalize on the other C-lister's controversies. The wife of the relationship is tickled that this might be the way to keep her husband around for a while, and make him happy...and he is... and well he's just an opportunistic douche that likes to see people suffer whether or not he caused the suffering himself or not.