January 8, 2014

It will be even harder for this talk show host to get guests

Which talk show host got caught asking celebrity guests to sign books, perfumes and other products they were promoting, before selling them ALL on EBAY! "She is very cheap and does not pretend not to be, however, saying you are cheap and getting caught selling items guests gave you are two very different things," a witness tells NAUGHTY BUT NICE ROB. So far, everyone is pretending that it didn’t happen. No-one is saying anything, but once word gets out, and it will, it will prove even harder for this person to get guests!
October 11, 2013

The project is going to fail by Christmas, no doubt

This greatly loved and highly respected A-lister now regrets giving this rapidly falling B-lister a leg up in the industry. She fell for their victim role, and thought maybe the project they were offering would help stop the tailspin and get them back on the right track. Well, she was wrong. Although she's one of the kindest, gentlest souls around, she is a fierce business woman, and didn't get to where she is today with kittens and rainbows. She knows her market and audience and what they want to see, and while she thought the B-lister was going to be a great compliment to that, they actually wound up being quite the antithesis of the A-lister's brand.
October 11, 2013

Oh, lighten up, grrrls!

Here’s an item that’ll strike you blind: What famed female host of a major TV talk show, known to be a notorious attention-’ho, pulled a stunning shocker when she stood chatting with a group of lesbian crew members backstage – then abruptly lifted up her blouse, bared her perky pair and exclaimed to the gaping ladies: "I have to admit that my one regret, before I got married, was that I’d never had a hot, sexy, lesbian relationship with a woman." Marveled my on-set spywitness: "Rather than being flattered, the ladies found the star’s raunchy crack appalling and off-the-wall!" (Oh, lighten up, grrrls!)
September 21, 2013

He needs to call his ex and put it on speaker

This former Real Housewife has volunteered to have sex with the ex of a former Real Housewife any time he wants. The only condition is that while they are having sex he needs to call his ex and put it on speaker.