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March 31, 2014

Actress is ready to blow the lid off the actor’s new found happiness

This former A-list mostly movie actress now maybe B-list, has several frozen embryos because she and her much younger A-list mostly television actor husband had hoped to start a family of their own. Only that never happened, and when they divorced, the issue of what to do with the embryos never came up. Well now the actress is ready to blow the lid off the actor's new found happiness since she's been super miserable since the split. She's been consulting IVF clinics trying to have a pregnancy started with his baby. This won't happen, because she won't be able to give up her drugs long enough to cooperate with Dr.'s orders, but the actor is heading to court to have an injunction placed on the embryos to prevent the possibility of the actress hijacking his new life.
March 24, 2014

In honor of me getting to see Lindsay Lohan

In honor of me getting to see Lindsay Lohan screw up for hours on end while filming a television show I thought we would play the game of who has she had sex with that you don't know about. All of them are surprising. #1- Academy Award winner/multiple nominee. Married. Has been in a relationship both times he had sex with her. Once he was even married.
March 18, 2014

He is still an a-hole and always will be

I talk a lot of smack about this actress. A lot of her issues stem from a boyfriend she had when she was first hitting it big. She is on the fringes of A listerdom. I normally call her a B list mostly television actress from a hit cable show, but she has had her chances at A list. The roles have been there, but she has not got the results. She definitely has A list name recognition. Back in the day before she was a beard she dated this, at the time A list mostly television actor who was on a very hit network show. The actor thought really highly of himself and still thinks the mirror is his best friend.
February 27, 2014

She wanted to watch television!

This Actress is now spending most of her time simply accompanying her cute Significant Other to his job. However, even when she goes to work with him, she still acts like it is all about her! A couple of weeks ago she was totally alone in his dressing room. After he was done working, the S.O. invited some people back to his dressing room to hang out. Did she greet them and network with them? No. The Actress was annoyed that they were invading her space. However, rather than approaching them directly or talking to her S.O. about it, she simply walked up to the bodyguard and said, "Make them all leave! Now! And make sure that they didn’t take any photos!" Yes, the guests heard her, and the embarrassed S.O. sheepishly escorted them out. What was the actress’ compelling reason for being so anti-social? She wanted to watch television! Yes, it was his dressing room at his workplace, but she thinks that if she is in a room, it belongs to her. Guess we now know who is in control of that relationship!
October 26, 2013

He takes the child and calls the agency and returns the child the next morning

This former A list mostly movie actress who was once A+ list and is now probably a comfortable B for a few years more before her inevitable slide does not work much. Her sobriety is her work right now. She has good days and bad days with that and her definition of sobriety is a lot different from others especially when it comes to pills. She considers it a success when she stays off the harder stuff and the booze. She also does not consider smoking a joint violating her sobriety. It is a work in progress. A few years ago, our actress, who is still married by the way in a marriage that just won't end went to an adoption agency.
October 13, 2013

She is thinking about quitting the show

They have only been working together for two months but already this A list actor who is now dividing his time between television and movies is making this C+ list co-star actress uncomfortable with all of his comments and touching and groping. He has a girlfriend but has made it clear he would like to be with the actress who has been dodging him as best she can and she is thinking about quitting the show.
September 10, 2013

Actor hates the new boyfriend of the actress

Talk about breaking a confidence. These two co-stars were bff. One is a B- list mostly movie actor from some very hit movies and the other is an almost A list mostly movie actress from some very hit movies who has had some very interesting boyfriend choices. Anyway, the two got into a huge fight because the actor hates the new boyfriend of the actress and thinks he is a pig. The actor has been telling everyone his feelings so our actress told everyone she knows that the actor tried to kill himself a few years ago.
August 26, 2013

He was yelling at his actress girlfriend because she had not watched his latest project

This almost A list actor who is on a very hit network show and is unfortunately back in movies only cares about himself. That is not a shocker I guess. What is disturbing is the complete meltdown he had in a restaurant when he was yelling at his actress girlfriend because she had not watched his latest project yet even though she had it for a day.