Some of these moments are like professional wrestling.

Every awards show needs talking points for the next day.

They need moments of surprise or shock or controversy for the press to cover and for the fans to talk about.

Some of those moments are like professional wrestling.

The moves are planned in advance, and everyone plays their part… like the conflict between two women at last night’s MTV Video Music Awards. But here’s the surprising bit: The producers ORIGINALLY wanted the rapper – who loves to brawl – to continue her feud with a female pop star and call HER a “bitch” on air last night!

That would have actually been a natural extension of a controversy started months ago.

However, the pop star’s people refused to play and shut that one down fast.

This year, the pop star was NOT going to be the target of any controversies.

That’s why the rapper and the pop star wound up doing a collaboration… and the host was set up as the proxy target instead.

All planned.

Rapper: Nicki Minaj
Pop Star: Taylor Swift
Host: Miley Cyrus


Do you believe it?

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