She’s just playing with the whole ring thing

This singer is showing off a huge new ring.

While she has not confirmed her engagement, she has not denied it either.

A close friend of hers explains what is going on in her relationship.

“[Her Ex] didn’t like the fact that she worked all the time. He kept telling her that she needed to chill and take vacations. [Her New Boyfriend] lets her work as much as she wants to.

That is such a different attitude to her that she believes that’s what people in love do.”

So… are they engaged or not?

“When she broke up with [Ex], she told all her friends [about the breakup] a week before it was public.

She hasn’t said boo to us about getting engaged to [New Boyfriend]. I think she’s just playing with the whole ring thing.

She just loves the attention.”

Nicki Minaj
Current Boyfriend: Meek Mill
Her Ex: Safaree Samuels


Do you believe it?

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