She’s just a control freak in zen packaging.

This actress will preach to you about the benefits of organic foods and how you need to take care of your body… right before she goes around the corner to smoke another cigarette.

She will accuse other people of being mean… while passive-aggressively attacking them in public.

She will preach about how women need to be kind and nonjudgmental… and then nastily denounce a member of her own family as a “cunt.” She will pretend that she is all lovely and enlightened and calm about her relationships… while continuing to dominate and dictate every meal, every vacation, and every conversation.

Well, her boyfriend finally saw past the fake exterior, and decided that he didn’t like what he saw.

“She’s just a control freak in zen packaging.”

He dumped her HARD. We can’t wait to hear her spin on it.

Gwyneth Paltrow
Brad Falchuk


Do you believe it?

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