She’s a shit actress and I don’t act with shit actresses.

Let’s talk about this A-list movie star’s behaviour on this never made movie that cost my source several million dollars.

It was so deplorable that my source was relieved to eat the 7 figure loss.

It started out as a small movie, shot in the homeland of this A-list actor, aiming to be lowly budgeted and hopefully an award contender.

It became a disaster that seems to be widely forgotten and wasn’t reported on much at the time. A C-list actress was attached as the female lead but promptly fired when the A-list actor took the male lead because – my source is saying this is close to verbatim –

‘She’s a shit actress and I don’t act with shit actresses.

It makes ME look bad.

Can she even do the accent?

She can barely act in her normal accent.

How can she act in this accent?

She’s out. Call ___ instead.

Forget it. I’ll call ___ instead.

She probably won’t return your calls.”

Our A-list movie star did call the other actress instead, who was matching A-list at the time (and completely wrong for the role, we may add), and she signed on for an unbelievably low salary out of respect for their friendship.

The A-list movie star used this as leverage to take even more power over the movie and it got even more out of control.

You think our A-list movie star would be happy, but no.

Then, he started getting paranoid about billing and critics – thinking the A-list actress would ‘steal HIS movie away from him’ and ‘take top billing.’

He ordered rewrites months before production was set to begin, despite the script being based on a novel, he wanted crucial scenes reworked and re-imagined to suit his sudden change of character, lessening his initial role.

Our A-list actress discovered the ongoings and begged the creative team and producers to stop him to no avail, initially withdrawing and then returning when the A-list movie star calmed down a little and begged her back.

Everyone on set still ignored the then director and came to the A-list movie star with their questions and ideas.

It became such a mess that with several million already invested, two of the biggest stars in the world attached and a hot script – the people behind it scrapped the film only a couple of weeks before the production was set to begin, pissing off the A-list actress who had just arrived on location and had already rejected high paying work for the movie.

It pretty much ended his friendship with the A-list actress and was the start of the decline in the A-list movie star’s huge career.

Who is our A-list movie star? Russell Crowe
Who is our fired C-list actress? Bryce Dallas Howard
Who is our A-list actress? Nicole Kidman
Who is our director? Jocelyn Moorhouse
What was the movie? “Eucalyptus”


Do you believe it?

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