She will probably lose her job.

She will probably lose her job.

When it all comes out, this B list talk show host deserves to be fired as much as her boss.

The thing is though, she won’t get a huge payday and probably won’t get hired by anyone else.

Our talk show host did a lot of vetting for her boss.

Speaking on college campuses, she would screen intern candidates for their willingness to sleep with the boss.

For years, it was a steady stream of interns that she kept funneling into the system.

As a bonus, our host would also find interns who were open to that side thing the host loves so much.

She brought in hundred to her side thing which made all those bosses thrilled.

Not only for the people/money, but also for the other services they had already been providing to their bosses.

When you hear from some of these former interns it sounds more akin to human trafficking than any actual real employment.

Greta Van Susteren
side thing: Scientology

Roger Ailes


Do you believe it?

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