She was the perfect honey trap. Our actress was a spy against the US.

Old Hollywood

Much has been made of the life and career of this former A list mostly movie actress.

Books and films have been made about her and she was involved in so many relationships either as the other woman or the woman being cheated on.

After her movie career, she had a tragic life.

This though is about what she did before and during the early stages of World War 2.

Our actress was a spy against the US. While seemingly the rest of Hollywood was joining the military, our actress was touring bases and meeting dignitaries and passing everything over to the Soviet Union.

Our actress was a die hard communist.

She was so committed to the cause that she basically gave up movies for half the year each year to go to New York.

She said she went there for Broadway, but even though she was married she ended up sleeping with countless men who the Soviets wanted to blackmail and get information from.

She was a famous face and every man she flirted with instantly wanted to sleep with her.

She was the perfect honey trap.

No one had any idea she was setting them up to be used and blackmailed.

Marlene Dietrich


Do you believe it?

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