She was just a mean rich girl who didn’t know how to manage shit

This actress has had this vision of herself for the last few years.

She wanted to stop acting and become a lifestyle guru and business mogul.

She envisioned herself as a combination of Martha Stewart, Kathy Ireland, and Jessica Alba.

To that end, she practically stopped acting and threw herself into the business of starting a business.

It was rather ill-conceived from the beginning, but [Actress] doesn’t have the education or business savvy to recognize that.

She hired experts but wouldn’t let us do our jobs or take our advice. Then she started blaming us when her strategy failed.

She thought that if she acted more authoritarian and pushed and threatened everyone harder, it would help, but you can’t treat professionals like indentured servants.

The harder she pushed, and the more she blamed and threatened, the more everyone resented her.

The whole thing was hemorrhaging money, and people were quitting.

There is really no on to blame except herself.

She’s never failed at anything, so I have to say that I think she was genuinely shocked.

I’m sure she’ll try to portray herself as some sort of brave humble pioneering entrepreneur. Not.

The people who worked with her know the truth: She was just a mean rich girl who didn’t know how to manage shit.

Thank god that’s over…

Her fallback position?

Back to acting.

Lots of projects lined up.

Those millions should take some of the sting out of one failed venture.

Blake Lively
Her lifestyle website “Preserve”


Do you believe it?

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