She was just a fling. Unfortunately, an unprotected fling.

This boybander is going to have a tough time with the family of a girl he slept with.

Notice we didn’t call her a girlfriend or an ex-girlfriend.

That’s because she was just a fling. Unfortunately, an unprotected fling.

She said she was on the pill, so he went without a condom.

Dumb move.

Although the jump off jumped off of social media when she started receiving online hate from the boy’s fans, her family has since jumped on to act as her proxy. The number of lies they tell is extraordinary, but it’s all done to make their girl look like an innocent victim in all this.

Their funniest lie?

That the girl didn’t even know who the boybander was before she dropped her knickers for him.

Ha ha ha ha ha!

She knew EXACTLY who he was, how much he was worth, and she and her family were THRILLED when she found out that she was pregnant by him.


Now he’s tied to her and this lying mess of a family forever.

Louis Tomlinson
Briana Jungwirth


Do you believe it?

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