She wants to steal clients from a specific competitor.

There are a lot of reasons for performers to try their luck with a stint in Vegas.

Doing a set show in a set location is a heck of a lot less grueling than touring around the country or the world.

It can also be very lucrative.

If you can fill those seats, you can keep on extending your fat contract indefinitely.

Since there aren’t enough die-hard fans of any given performer at any given time in Vegas, audience attendance depends a lot on how the performers are marketed.

One performer is discussing options to maximize her seat fill.

There are the usual marketing tricks and pricing tricks and partnerships with hotels, but she is really focused on something else.

She wants to steal clients from a specific competitor.

She thinks that there are too many big-name female performers in town.

She thinks that the faster she can kill off attendance at a specific competitor’s show, the faster the competitor’s show will close… and the faster those fans will fill her own shows.

Jennifer Lopez
Britney Spears


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