She walked out and never spoke to him again.

This A- list mostly movie actress is an Academy Award winner/nominee.

Right now she is filming a movie which definitely highlights relationships.

Someone on set the other day asked what her worst relationship was.

The few people standing around all thought she would mention her brief marriage.


It was brought up, but as a side note.

Anyway, our actress started talking about how she met this, at the time A list celebrity/singer.

She has always had a thing for musicians. Actors too.

She never really is with anyone not a performer. She met this singer and hit it off with him right away.

As in hooked up that night.

She said it was great.

Beginning about the third day they were together though, she noticed he was talking to lots of other women.

Not just a couple, but literally 20-30 women that he rotated through.

He told her he could be faithful.

Turns out he couldn’t, but at that time she trusted him.

Fast forward a day or two later and she finds out about his drug use.

Also finds out he already cheated on her.


Two different women even though they had been together most of the days and nights.

The final straw came though when he started talking about threesomes.

Bringing in other guys and other women.

They started talking about it and he told her he really liked women and men and our actress said she had been down that road before (pointing her finger at the person who named her ex) and didn’t want to go down it again.

The singer then said, “That is going to make things awkward.”

The singer pointed into a room in his apartment and there was a guy half undressed as opposed to getting dressed.

The singer thought our actress would be into it and arranged something in advance.

She walked out and never spoke to him again.

Renee Zellweger
Ex-husband: Kenny Chesney
Singer: Jack White


Do you believe it?

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