Our director was a sweaty mess when he returned to the party after 20 minutes.
January 15, 2016
There’s still tons of hatred between them.
January 15, 2016

She thinks they could make a life together.

This handsome under-30 actor has had a fake girlfriend for a while now.

He is ready to let her go… but she won’t let him!

Why can’t he give her the slip?

She has fallen in love with him!

Yes, she knows the relationship is fake.

Doesn’t matter to her.

She thinks they could make a life together.


He likes her as a friend, but he definitely does not want to marry her or have babies with her.

Now he is having a problem untangling himself from her (and his life is messy enough without a disgruntled ex looking to make trouble for him). This is why men in Hollywood who are looking for “girlfriends” are almost always better off doing formal contracts with others in the industry (model, actress, singer).

Both parties know what the gig is, both careers are at stake, and both walk away cleanly after it’s over.

With civilians, it is much riskier.

Our actor is trying to ease out of this relationship right now without leaving a mess in his wake.

He will probably have to pay her off.

After he does break up with her, you can bet that the next girlfriend will be a pro.

Zac Efron
Sami Miro

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