She thinks she is more powerful than she is.

One day something sounds like a great idea.

Then you wake up from the fog six months later and wonder how you got into that position and how you are going to escape.

Escaping can be tough.

This relationship started just like all of her (NV) other fake relationships.

Well, not exactly all of them.

The guys who were gay, she approached.

She always thought that would work best.

She would be the loving attentive girlfriend and they would be with her while living their down low life and never would the two meet. Turns out though that never worked out as well as she envisioned.

What it essentially did was leave her single the vast majority of the time.

Oh, sure she covered it by always being busy.

But at some point people were going to ask her when she was going to get on the horse again so to speak.

She didn’t want to.

She was perfectly happy with her girlfriend.

Very happy.

Then that all got destroyed and it was back to finding a guy.

A different approach this time.

She is innovative.

And brilliant.

Draw him in and get him hooked and promise him the world.

She thinks she is more powerful than she is.

She told him the deal would be worth millions and he wouldn’t have to do anything except show up a few times a year with her and pretend to be loyal.

He almost blew it.

Shortly after they started their “relationship.”

He hooked up with a random fan and the riot act was read.

No need to find a fan. Nope.

This relationship was going to be a big hit so NV took matters into her own hands.

Drawing from her extensive contacts she found two women who would be more than happy to take care of the boyfriend.

They travel with him and share his hotel suites with him.

They are there 24/7 to take care of him and of course report back to NV.

He shows up when she asks.

She has access to his social media accounts and makes sure he shows the appropriate level of responses to her posts.

Just like everything in her life it is all well thought out and calculated.

Except for one part.

The end game.

Those who saw him recently say he is not enjoying this whole thing as much as he thought.

This is not something he is going to be able to get out of anytime soon without some serious collateral damage.

Right now he has to stick through it until after the holidays.

At least.

NV: Taylor Swift
Her girlfriend: Karlie Kloss
New boyfriend: Calvin Harris


Do you believe it?

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