She might not be around on the show much longer because

Back in season 2 of this hit almost television show, two of the leads hooked up.

One is a closeted female (#1) and the other (#2) doesn’t hang out in the closet, but is not exactly leading a Pride parade either.

#1 used to be almost A list on television on a hit network show and then dropped off the earth until this latest gig. #2?

You had to love her other projects to know who she was but for now is probably B+. Everyone on set knew they were hooking up in the trailer after filming.

They dated for about six months until the start of the next season of filming.

When #2 started dating another woman, #1 couldn’t handle filming any more sex scenes with #2.

Because of that, the writers had to add another character (#3) who probably is the most grateful person in the world because if it.

When the new love interest was introduced #1 got ticked off and almost refused to work.

So, the writers tried to minimize the sex scenes involving #2 and her role and is one of the reasons she might not be around on the show much longer.

Orange Is the New Black
#1: Laura Prepon
#2: Taylor Schilling
#3: Ruby Rose


Do you believe it?

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