She made the clean break and just had no interest in going back to it again.

A lot of my e-mails ask me whatever happened to so and so.

Most of the time their career just ended.

Nothing else.

They had their time or their one shot and just could never get back into it.

Sometimes though, there are really good reasons why someone walked away.

This is one of those times.

This person was America’s Sweetheart.

Yeah, not Meg Ryan or Julia Roberts.


She was on network television and for weeks the entire country sat riveted and we all fell in love with her.

So, Hollywood does what they do and gave her a movie. A crap movie, but a movie.

It made some money and it led to other job offers for her.

A lot of job offers.

She literally had millions of dollars worth of offers at one point.

While she was deciding her next move, she took some meetings.

Apparently at each one of these meetings, producers or managers or whatever would try and sleep with her.

This is not what she signed up for.

There was going to be no casting couch for her.

She didn’t need the industry or the limelight or to be famous.

If it happened, then that was great, but no way was she going to do the casting couch thing.

So, she waited and waited.

She landed a pretty decent guest starring role on a very hit network show.

She didn’t have to sleep with anyone to get the spot, but while she was on the show, the A list tool star of the show who still has an almost A list career tried to sleep with her.

He hit on her right after he kissed his supposed girlfriend goodbye after having sex with her in his trailer.

That was pretty much the last straw for her.

Oh, except for the producer of the show who also hit on her.

America’s Sweetheart tried to do the behind the camera thing, but that was even worse.

She walked away and twice turned down $1M offers to come back to where it all started.

She made the clean break and just had no interest in going back to it again.

America’s Sweetheart: Colleen Haskell
Hit network show: Survivor 2000 – first season
Crap movie: The Animal
Guest starring role: That ’70s Show
Star who tried to sleep with her: Ashton Kutcher
  Turned down $1M offer for “Survivor All-Stars” edition in 2004


Do you believe it?

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