She literally was only wearing a t-shirt. Good times.

For those of you who read the site yesterday I said I had some stories to share about a certain person.

This is one of those stories.

This probably happened two or three months after the Vegas trip I wrote about a long time ago.

That might have been first year stuff on the site.

Certainly close to it.

Anyway, it was late summer or early fall.

It was hot.

The kind of hot that LA seems to sear into you in September and October.

If you like visiting Phoenix or Palm Springs in July then LA in the early fall is your kind of place.

I know she was married at that point in time but I don’t think they ever saw each other.

He was too busy cruising through West Hollywood and she was too busy partying with a little work thrown in.

Anyway, she had met this actress at an upfront for the new season.

Lets call the actress AW.

Like the root beer. Apparently they got to talking and had a lot in common, including a boss.

Plus, AW liked to party.

Our friend invited me along.

I thought we were going to go to a house or a restaurant or something.


We went out deep into the valley.

To an industrial park in the middle of nowhere that also contained studios.

I remember the security guard at the gate tried to stop our friend from coming into the lot and she said something very creepy about his manhood and the guy let us in.

It was strange.

No yelling or screaming or do you know who I am, just something about his manhood and a razor and voila, entrance granted.

We didn’t know exactly where we were going and finally parked and started wandering around.

Did I mention how hot it was?

How little shade there was?

I literally was bathed in sweat.

I feel like that happens to me frequently.

After asking around we found the stage we wanted.

Shortly thereafter we found AW who invited us to her trailer for a drink or six.

While AW and our friend did a little nose candy, I stuck to booze.

Always booze for me.

I don’t make enough money to get addicted to something else.

Our friend asked about AW’s husband which led to AW getting completely naked and showing off a wide variety of bruises and marks all over her body left by her husband.

AW had just started on the show she was filming and honestly go back and look at old episodes and I’m not sure how they managed to cover all the bruises.

Apparently she got beat all the time and finally was in the process of leaving the guy.

It was just too much.

While doing some nose candy, she was also popping pills and drinking booze.

Numb the pain she said.

I wasn’t sure if she was talking about physical, emotional or both.

When AW started asking some questions of her own to our friend I found out that our friend had sex with one of her bosses which led to some serious fighting with a couple of her co-stars.

Apparently it only happened once, but our friend told some people who told others and it got back to the co-stars.

Most didn’t care, but a couple did.

At some point we were joined by some of the other cast and a couple of the crew members.

It was turning into quite the party and someone suggested we go sneak into an area of an amusement park across the street that was under construction.

It was going to be a water park and apparently one of the pools had been filled as a test of some of the systems.

A couple of the crew members had discovered a way in and so we all went.

A group of 20 people all sneaking in through a delivery entrance for construction crews who were still building the place.

At this point it was probably 7 or 8pm.

You could hear the roller coasters and screams of guests at the other part of the park but it was super quiet and spooky by this pool.

No lights.

Everyone got in the pool.

All stages of dressed and undressed.

Did I tell you that crew members have the greatest ability to procure ice chests and ice from out of nowhere.

And beer.

There was so much beer.

We must have all stayed until right at midnight.

There was a security patrol that I guess started working at midnight so we left quickly.

I remember all of us crossing the street back to the studio and people carrying clothes and a few towels and helping those who were drunk cross safely.

Our friend was wasted out of her mind so I had to drive us back.

She had on a t-shirt some guy had given her of the show where AW worked.

I have no idea what happened to the clothes she had been wearing earlier.

She literally was only wearing a t-shirt. Good times.

Friend: Shannen Doherty
Husband: Ashley Hamilton
Shared boss she slept with: Aaron Spelling
Co-stars who cared: Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth

AW: Heather Locklear – Melrose Place
Husband: Tommy Lee


Do you believe it?

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