She is up and coming and needs eyeballs and ears.

Here’s everything you need to know about this male musician’s new relationship with a young female recording artist:

It’s a setup!

It’s a setup.

They are both signed to [company].

They’ve know each other for years, but the new “personal relationship” with him is really to help push her second album.

They’re both cool with that.

From a marketing perspective, it should work.

She is up and coming and needs eyeballs and ears.

He gained millions of followers when he dated [his ex-girlfriend].

He now has ten times as many followers as [the young recording artist] and he gets papped everywhere he goes.

We expect his followers and the media attention to bleed over to her for album sales, and it makes it look like he is over [his ex]. It works.

For someone who whined about how staged his last relationship was… he sure was quick to jump into a similar arrangement!

Calvin Harris
Ex-Girlfriend: Taylor Swift
Young Recording Artist: Tinashe


Do you believe it?

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