She is married and is a mother, and she has a lover. A female lover!

We are about to tell you a very shocking secret about a female celebrity who sits on the panel of a reality competition show.

She is married and is a mother.

While she is all business at work and does not talk a lot about her personal life, she seems quite content with her family.

She is very rich, her husband is very successful and her child/ren are healthy and attractive.

Now, here’s the shocking part. She has a lover. A female lover!

Although the relationship is fairly new, she already seems pretty heavily invested in it.

She has been telling close friends all about how hot the girlfriend is, how much in love they are, and how she can’t wait for her friends to meet her.

We had no idea.

She: Barbara Corcoran
TV Show: Shark Tank


Do you believe it?

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