She has some serious Daddy issues.

She thinks it’s amusing to wear a ring on her ring finger and then coyly deny that she is engaged.

It’s just another publicity stunt.

She loves to attract attention to herself.

Actually, since her film career hasn’t taken off the way that she planned, she has pretty much been spending all her time taking selfies and yapping about her personal life and engaging in publicity stunts.

She has been heaping praise on her famous much-older boyfriend and dropping not-so-subtle hints in an effort to get him to propose. We can’t imagine how he’ll find the time to propose and get married since.

After all, he is incredibly busy working… and fucking every young thing in Hollywood who will have him.

Our girl knows this, but still clings to him like he’s the only man on earth anyway.

She has some serious Daddy issues.

Demi Lovato
Wilmer Valderrama


Do you believe it?

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