She has more of her soul left to give

A break from Golden Globes blinds for a minute to discuss this foreign born B+ list celebrity/singer/part-time actress.

She has made what I thought to be every deal with the devil to get ahead and to move her career forward.

Apparently though, she has more of her soul left to give.

The B+ lister arranged to find several women ranging in age from 18-22 who want to make it big in the entertainment industry. They believed our B+ lister when she told them she could help them.

She rattled off a series of names of people she has worked with and a bunch of projects she has been in.

She said the first thing they needed to do was a nude photo shoot.

This way they would attract the right attention from the right people.

She knew just the person to take the shots too.

When the women would go to the shoot, our B+ lister would be there to help guide them and part of that guiding was convincing the women to have sex with the photographer and also to film the sexual encounter.

If you were not willing to have sex or to film it, the whole shoot lasted less than 30 minutes.

These shoots will be used later if the women become famous and also to satisfy the debts of our B+ lister.

She owed the photographer a great deal of money.

Now, she has fully paid those debts and our photographer has a stash of private porn for his friends and to sell, especially if any of the women become famous.

Rita Ora
Terry Richardson


Do you believe it?

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