She has led more than one guy down a total path of drug destruction.

I think it kind of shocked the world a little bit when this couple married.

They are still technically married, but I don’t know if anyone has seen them together in forever.

He has sex with groupies and does heroin 24/7 and she has sex with random people while trying to stay clean.

He is a foreign born singer in a former A list band.

They still exist, but not so much A list any longer.

She is a foreign born former A list singer.

She apparently still sings, but no one is going to admit they listen or want to have their friends see her songs in their playlist. They are definitely an odd couple.

The thing is, she has always been a partier.

Some say she is a succubus.

She has led more than one guy down a total path of drug destruction.

She enjoys hard drugs but makes the guys she is with use even more than she does.

She shared a love of heroin with the guy she married.

Prior to her, he had only snorted it a few times.

She only snorts but managed to talk him into shooting it up so she could watch.

The same thing she did to at least two other guys, one of whom is dead, and one of whom nearly died.

She likes to see them get strung out.

I guess it is a fetish of hers.

It’s pretty sick.

Meanwhile, she will snort some and loves it, but mainly focused on booze and other drugs.

Her main issue recently has been coke.

She destroyed her nose from coke, but like she says, a new nose is better than shooting up heroin.

Even though she is trying to straighten out her life, she encourages her new guy to use and also her still husband.

Apparently she would like all of his money if he should die from a drug overdose.

Avril Lavigne
Husband: Chad Kroeger
Former husband: Deryck Whibley
New guy: Ryan Cabrera


Do you believe it?

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