She has been showing up in some very inappropriate outfits.

This famous Los Angeles Mom is great about picking up her kids from school… but the other parents aren’t too happy with her!

She has been showing up in some very inappropriate outfits.

Lots of skin and no inhibition.

If she gets there early, she gets out of her car and mingles with the other parents while waiting for the kids.

She likes to think of herself as just one of the gang, but she is making the other parents uncomfortable. This isn’t The Valley so it’s just super awkward.

The rest of us put ON clothes before we go to the school, but she looks like she takes them OFF before she goes to school!

Plunging necklines, no bra, daisy dukes.

One of my kids asked if she was wearing a costume, and I just told them “Yes” because I didn’t even know what to say!

I still don’t know what I would say if one of her boobs pops out (and that’s bound to happen one day).

She doesn’t look that trashy when I see her on TV or in magazines, so I don’t know what the deal is.

When I see her at school she looks like she belongs on the pole or on set in Chatsworth.

She likes to talk to one of the dads a lot, but I don’t think there is anything going on there.

Some of the other moms are thinking of talking to the school administration about it, but what are they going to do?

Create a parental dress code? Give her detention? So far no one has had the courage to tell her that she looks like a hooker.

Brandi Glanville


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