She has been living his life for a lot of years now.

I guess I don’t blame her.

She has been living his life for a lot of years now.

I can’t even imagine how many millions of dollars she has spent on her husband to get him out of gambling debts and debts involving his relationships with other women.

She says the right things publicly, but privately, there will probably be books written about her relationship that will be a complete 180 of the public perception.

The problem is those books are a long way down the road.

She has a team that is world class at keeping 95% of the bad stuff out of the press. Ironclad non disclosure agreements and the ruthless enforcement of them makes it very hard to learn anything about what goes on inside the home of this foreign born permanent A list singer.

One thing that has leaked is that our singer has, for several years had a relationship with a person who shares her bed.

The person travels with her and is there with her 24/7.

Within the confines of the house or hotel room on the road they have had a passionate love affair that both seem to love.

Apparently it is the one steady in her life.

The one thing that gets her through each day that are usually not that great.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the future.

How it plays out when it would not ruffle any feathers or throw an opinion out to the world that is contrary to what the world sees now.

Celine Dion

Husband: René Angélil


Do you believe it?

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