She had no idea it was a set up.

They should make a movie about this one.

I guess it will have to wait a few years until everyone dies, but maybe they could do some kind of inspired by true events thing.

Hey, if they can make a television show about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ arrangement, they can make a movie about this.

It happened back in the 80’s.

No worries that you won’t know the players involved because even if you were born 15 years ago, you know both of the main figures.

One, an actress, is probably still really close to A+ list while the other main participant in this story is a foreign born A- list mostly television actor from an acting family.

There was a public story and then the real story which never saw the light of day.

Until now.

Even when this story occurred, our actress was A+ list or really close. The thing is though, she was right on the edge of crashing and burning right out of the industry.

In these pre-internet days reports still managed to come out of a movie she was filming that she was being a diva.

Not showing up on time or at all.

Missed lines or not knowing any of her lines.

It was a pathetic excuse for acting.

The thing is though this was not some tiny indie.

This was a huge blockbuster being filmed by a director who has been A+ list forever.

Our actress was involved with drugs.

Heroin to be specific.

It took over her life.

It consumed her.

Our actor, who has been known to dabble in some substances himself saw what drugs were doing to the actress who he also called his girlfriend.

He knew they needed to split.

He wanted to try and get her the help she needed and that her friends and family and people were trying to get her.

He let her people talk him into taking the fall for the demise of the relationship.

He didn’t care if he looked bad.

He knew he could bounce back.

He almost didn’t.

Eventually he ended up bigger than he was back then, but it took some time.

He agreed to let paps catch him with a hooker at a nightclub which would give our actress reason to split.

She had no idea it was a set up.

The people closest to her used it as an in to get her to get help.

They also used another actor who had a big crush on her and wanted a relationship with her to be the shoulder to cry on as she traveled outside the country to rehab.

For weeks after the actress left town, our actor crashed on the sofa of this, at the time A- list actor from a sprawling acting family.

Our actor was a mess of heartbreak and booze.

Julia Roberts
Actor: Kiefer Sutherland
Shoulder to cry: Jason Patric


Do you believe it?

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