She flew home and gave her boyfriend the boot.

This American music artist is engaged.

The story behind his new fiancée is… interesting!

Just before getting engaged to our singer, she had a long-time boyfriend in her own country with whom she was seemingly very happy.

“Just a few weeks ago, they were so in love!

He’s a nice, normal guy from a regular family, but he worked really hard to give her everything she wanted.

For her [most recent] birthday, he spent over $10,000 for a pair of diamond earrings that she wanted!

He told her that there was an even bigger diamond coming. She was so excited because she knew that meant he was planning to propose soon!”

Then our girl went on vacation to The United States, where she was introduced to the singer.. He is twice her age, newly divorced, and (of course) rich and famous.

A couple of weeks later… they were engaged!

She flew home and gave her boyfriend the boot.

“She wore a baseball cap pulled down really low.

She refused to even look him in the eye.

He was crushed.”

Her friends are shocked at how aggressively she went after the singer; how quickly she got him to propose; and how callously she dumped her boyfriend back home.

“A few weeks ago she was excited about marrying [her boyfriend] and having babies with him.

Now she’s suddenly marrying this other guy?

This isn’t about love!

She is doing this for the green card and the chance to marry someone rich and famous.

We would not be surprised if she locked him down by getting pregnant as quickly as possible!”

The singer and his new fiancée are now planning their wedding.


Randy Houser
Tatiana Starzynski


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