She doesn’t want to get caught up in anything that makes her look bad. She hates to look bad.

So young to be a spy, but a love for drugs brought her to this spot.

She is a B+ lister and I am only ranking her that high because of her name recognition.

She does a lot of things, but none of them particularly well.

She has done television and movies and singing.

Nothing A list worthy.

But, she is everywhere which jacks up that name thing to the point where I will give her B+.

She loves drugs.

Booze on flights and drugs the rest of the time.

Never said no to coke this one.

One of her bff is an A+ lister who never has said yes to drugs. OK, so, some pot but that’s it and she will never speak to you again if you bring it up.

She tolerates our B+ lister drinking, but there are no drugs to be used. EVER.

She doesn’t want to get caught up in anything that makes her look bad. She hates to look bad.

One person who wants the A+ lister to look bad and to make her life miserable is another A+ lister.

This A+ lister loves to drink and loves drugs.

She hides the drugs, but you might as well just rename her coke because she loves it more than anything.

One night she was enjoying her drug of choice and the B+ lister asked if she could join in.

That began a lovely, but surprisingly quiet friendship between the two.

No public photos or proclamations, just friends.

Over the past few months the B+ lister has run into a problem where she is having trouble getting the drugs she needs.

Enter our drug using A+ lister who provides for the B+ lister and in return just asks for some information about the do gooder A+ lister.

The bad stuff about the do gooder. She gets it too.

She then leaks it all to her friends who suddenly spout off about the do gooder and make her look bad.

It has happened time and again.

Look for it to happen again this week because our drug using A+ lister met with the B+ lister for ten minutes on Friday night and that usually means something big and juicy.

B+ lister: Selena Gomez
A+ lister “no to drugs”: Taylor Swift
A+ lister druggie: Katy Perry


Do you believe it?

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