She can’t sing but she can dance her heart out!

If you are thinking of booking a ticket to this female entertainer’s upcoming concert series, you might want to consider this first.

[There is] NO WAY she is going to sing live!

Many singers who actually have good voices can’t even pull off singing live.

She has a huge ego but thank god she knows she can’t sing so she’s not even going to try it! She will have a mic and will yell every once in a while to get the crowd going but that’s it.

It’s all going to be pre-recorded tracks.

So, if she’s not singing, what will she be doing?

She calls [Singer 2, Singer 3] “The Zombies” because they barely move on stage.

[Singer 1] is very comfortable with her dancing.

Expect her show to be a big spectacle with lots of movement and choreography.

She can’t sing but she can dance her heart out!

It will be the opposite of The Zombies.

Eat your hearts out, Zombies!

1: Jennifer Lopez
2: Mariah Carey
3: Britney Spears


Do you believe it?

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