She is being pushed through the exit door by a former co-star
May 25, 2016
May 25, 2016

She blew it, but it really wasn’t her fault.

This singer should stop listening to her boyfriend.

He approaches every competition like it’s a sport where you have to squash your opponent, but in this case that strategy backfired.

She blew it, but it really wasn’t her fault.

[Her Boyfriend] told her that if she wanted custody of her kid, she would have to go to war and destroy [Her Ex] in court.

Bad strategy, because the judge wasn’t fooled by her accusations.

[Singer] wound up looking like some crazy vindictive b*tch who will say anything to get what she wants.

[Her Ex] looked like the calm, reasonable one who is working in the best interest of the kid.

Her strategy backfired.

If you’re going to shoot the king, don’t miss.

She totally missed on this one… and can expect some future retaliation as a result.

Ex: Future
BF: Russell Wilson


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