She basically methodically plans her entire life around making him jealous.

This A+ Lister is going through a divorce that will probably end up messy.

He was caught having an affair with this B+ List actress years ago, and he fell very much in love with her and never got over going back to his wife to win an Oscar instead of following his heart.

She’s been obsessed with him ever since, and even got married to make him jealous.

She basically methodically plans her entire life around making him jealous. There are thousands of blind items all over the internet about what a closet nutter she is, even though she looks perfect to the outside world.

Her husband, another A-list actor, knows this is the case and keeps her on a short leash after discovering some incriminating texts between the former affair monsters.

Now that the A+ Lister is available, the B+ Lister is in ‘snag him before someone else does’ overdrive.

Her husband is on a promotional tour at the moment for a big project, and she is more than willing to put herself in the right place at the right time.

She talks about what a perfect blended family they will be when they can finally be together.

The Brady Bunch delusion is strong in this one.

What does the A+ Lister think?

He’s all for it.

He loves her, and he’d call her right now if he wasn’t scared of a huge scandal on top of a scandal.

The only thing he loves more than her are his political aspirations that are now in jeopardy.

But he’s not above a well-placed phone call to her current husband in order to move things along.

Expect to hear another divorce announcement in the next year.

A+ lister: Ben Affleck
Wife: Jennifer Garner
B+ list actress: Blake Lively
Movie: The Town
Husband A- actor: Ryan Reynolds


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