Plenty of other fish in the sea!

This very pretty blonde model is not too happy that she wasn’t given her “turn” to date a certain male movie star!

She was told that she was next on his girlfriend list.

She was really excited about it.

She had her people all ready to receive the marketing contract.

They were told, “Oh, it’s coming, it’s coming,” but they never got it.

Then he showed up with [Other Model] and she was pissed!

She was saying, “It was MY TURN! It was MY TURN!”

The term “marketing contract” likely refers to a “Personal Services Contract” or a “Personal Appearances Contract”, which are common in fake celebrity relationships.

We don’t know why he skipped our model. In any case, she shouldn’t take the rejection to heart.

Plenty of other fish in the sea!

Leonardo DiCaprio
Gigi Hadid


Do you believe it?

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