Please, it is not like she has not had to trade sex before.

Earlier this year in a blind I told you this former A- list tweener from multiple tweener shows on a channel other than Disney would be heading to the Med for some time on yacht.

At the time, she was being offered a great rate and since work is steady, but low paying, she jumped at the chance.

Please, it is not like she has not had to trade sex before.

Her former employer made sure of that. Anyway, she showed up, under the guise of a paying/press/promo gig which is always the preferred method.

Then, you spend a night or two on some “friend’s” yacht and you are on your way back to LA.

Apparently though, the buyers were under the impression they were going to get our tweener’s co-star who is A list, although D list when it comes to being nice.

There had been some kind of miscommunication.

It is not like our tweener did not make some money, but she actually had to prove she was someone famous and show her credits and with all of that still only managed to get about 15% of what she thought she was going to make.

A- list tweener: Jennette McCurdy
Co-star: Ariana Grande

  In Cannes


Do you believe it?

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