Perhaps it was too much all at once.

This man is one of the most handsome and famous actors in the world.

He is married to one of the most famous actresses in the world. Notice anything different about him?

You’ll have to look hard, as he may be wearing dark glasses and facial hair to cover up the evidence while he heals.

That’s right. Heals.

He had some plastic surgery!

If you’re curious about the actual procedures, he had blepharoplasty on his lower lids, his neck/jawline tightened up, a little bit of filler in his cheeks and lips, a little Botox, and some re-texturing work on his face. It sounds like a lot of procedures, but his doctor did not do anything drastic as our actor specified that he wanted to come out of it “looking like himself. Only younger.”

We don’t know if that actually happened.

Overall, he looks tighter, smoother, and plumper… but not necessarily like a younger version of himself.

Perhaps it was too much all at once.

Or perhaps he just needs some time for it all to settle in.

After all, it’s hard to judge work right after it’s been done. Let’s check back in six months to see if he looks like a younger version of himself.

Brad Pitt in Dubai


Do you believe it?

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