Pap caught her with the businessman in a very compromising position

Long before she hooked up with that A+ list movie actor or the celeb/actor who used to be A+ list back in the day, this celebrity turned reality star, turned actress, turned host, turned celebrity, turned host, turned whatever, had a much darker side to her.

It all started when she was sleeping with a married businessman.

The businessman paid her a substantial sum of money and she needed the money to support herself. Well, this pap caught her with the businessman in a very compromising position.

The pap confronted our celeb/actress/host that he would keep the pics quiet but she was going to have to sleep with him whenever he wanted.

He also wanted to be seen publicly with her.

She did both things.

After awhile he got bored and found some new woman to have sex with.

Our celeb/actress/host was then told she needed to sleep with various other men.

Meanwhile our pap would be there snapping photos and he would have new blackmail victims.

Our celeb/actress/host did it multiple times until the pap said her debt was clear.

The thing is though, a blackmailer never quite goes away.

Over the next decade as she moved on with her life, the pap would unexpectedly show up and ask for a little favor.

Most of the time it involved setting up some of her celebrity friends to be blackmailed.

This continued until about three years ago when she finally managed to rid herself of him. For now.

Jenny McCarthy
A+ list actor: Jim Carrey
Celeb: Donnie Wahlberg


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