August 17, 2013

Probably not booze that is making her so friendly

This A list singer/celebrity/reality judge is trying to make amends. When crew members first saw her when filming started, they didn't say anything to her. When she asked one why they were not talking to her, they reminded her that last time they filmed she had specifically ordered that no one was to speak to her or look at her unless spoken to or looked at first. Our celebrity said that was the old her and this is the new her. Probably not booze that is making her so friendly, because I heard she gave that up. Pot? Adderall?
August 16, 2013

He was in the mood for some boy that day

This actor is C+ list. I am giving him C+ because of his looks, otherwise he would be D. Whenever he does show up in a movie or on a television show, or if someone runs into him in real life they never fail to say that he is the best looking person they have ever met. Known for one great role which gave him his fame, it stretched from television to movie. The other day several women were hitting on him when he spied an 18 year old teen. Our actor excused himself from the women by saying he was in the mood for some boy that day, but to talk to him the next time he was around.
August 15, 2013

Dude who likes to rock make-up

This four-player is being revealed as a dude who likes to rock make-up, and he once shared Nivea with Weezy. Don’t believe me.. Just ask dude’s BFF Eugene ‘Sheep Dog’ Smoak, who’s said to have been in the jeep of our mystery man and is reported to have mistakenly left his eyeliner behind. Here’s the drop: "They borrowed my ex-boyfriend’s jeep to go to Blu Cantrell’s record release party. The next day, I took the jeep to run errands.
August 14, 2013

Danced down to her panties

This Academy Award winner threw on a brunette wig last week and got up on stage at a strip club. Danced down to her panties and then gave a lap dance to her boyfriend.
August 13, 2013

He was a model for one of her projects

It took a few years, but this A++ list celebrity who has been known to dabble in singing and reality television and other projects started cheating on her guy. Well, it actually started once before, but got cut off abruptly by some scandals on the periphery of her life which caused increased pap presence on her. So, that one ended. This one though is hot and heavy and sexy and the guy is in his early 20's and is one of those guys who loves working out. He was a model for one of her projects and apparently she spent 20 minutes one day touching his chest because she could not believe it was real.
August 12, 2013

Actor gave her all the cash

This A+ list mostly movie actor had sex with a model he met in Europe last year. He had been drunk the night before and when he saw her in the morning he freaked out because of how young she looked. Apparently she was just 16. He thought she was much older because she is a lingerie model. The actor gave her all the cash he had which was like $2000 and ran out of the door.
August 12, 2013

The wife dragged her husband to the bathroom

This A+ list mostly movie actor was out with his wife at a club this past week. They are not really the clubbing type as they get older and they do have kids. Apparently they like to get their freak on though because the wife dragged her husband to the bathroom where they had sex. I would never imagine this actor doing this, but he was. This will be revealed. Maybe he was excited his movie was coming out?
August 12, 2013

He has the kink

This actor was almost A list a decade or so ago. He is still everywhere. Does lots of things. Great name recognition. Great face recognition, but does get confused with one other actor who looks a lot like him. Married to a gorgeous actress. Gorgeous. Anyway, our actor was on a plane and was recognized by his seatmate.