October 24, 2013

With her mom next door and kept screaming at her mom

This underage at the time and B- list mostly television actress from a very hit show at the time had sex with two guys at once in a hotel room with her mom next door and kept screaming at her mom the entire time she was having sex. Our actress was also wasted out of her mind. Yeah, she doesn't get along with her parents.
October 24, 2013

Flat fee of $700. That was for three months work. 16 hours a day.

This week is not a traditional blind. I will give you a person but it is going to be hard. The reason I am writing it is not so much to out the one person I discuss but to tell you that Hollywood knows this happens and just because you have a bunch of people who claim they care about the world they really don't. Tell me the next time you see an actor walk away from a million dollar paycheck because their costume making was outsourced to child labor. Even if you told them to their face they would say they are just there to act. Huh. Then why do you have a producer credit? Why are you screwing over your union and pretending you are working for scale while that huge "producer" or consulting fee check that SAG can't touch gets deposited in your account. I have seen a President of SAG do that same trick. Didn't even blink. So why should they care about some child labor making their costumes?
October 24, 2013

He should just come clean. Completely clean.

This B list actor who is B list simply because of the franchise he is in and nothing else tried to have sex with a woman last week. She is someone who was an extra on the set and our actor had been getting teased about not being with anyone on the set. So he got drunk and then hit on her and when he couldn't get it up blamed it on drinking. He should just come clean. Completely clean. Not the vague statements he has been making.
October 24, 2013

Her husband is one of the candidates

A lot of people are going to be clamoring for a DNA test when this former B+ list reality star and now married, looking desperately for another season or another network B- list celebrity, announces she is pregnant. Sure, her husband is one of the candidates.
October 24, 2013

She spends at least one day a week visiting kids in hospitals

Kindness: A really simple blind but something that shows you what a difference one person can make. This actress is C list. Mostly television. Oh, if you have a kid under 15 then this actress is A list and the favorite part of their day. So, yes an A list tweener. She spends at least one day a week visiting kids in hospitals around the city and because she does it so often ends up spending hours and hours with patients she has come to know and she talks to them and texts them and e-mails them and tries to make their lives better. When they get out of the hospital she is till there for them and does everything she can in her spare time to help kids in the rest of the country and the world. I saw for myself one time how much kids love her when they see her and they all have seen her countless times as she does good things with no seeking of publicity for it.
October 24, 2013

She had to trade sex for the drugs

This C+ list celebrity who has A list name recognition and not for anything you would want your kids to watch needed some drugs Sunday night. She was out of town and the only guy she could get didn't want money so she had to trade sex for the drugs. Well, she has traded sex almost her whole adult life.
October 24, 2013

The cause of her weight loss isn’t emotional distress

This actress has performed on stage, in films, and on television, but is best known for one role in an ongoing project. We’ve talked about her weight before. She started out at a normal body size, but has continually lost weight over the years. She just gets thinner and thinner, one gram at a time. Lots of media outlets are now chiming in about how her extreme weight loss is due to her emotional distress, calling her "painfully thin" and "bony" and "brave". Oh, please! She isn’t brave. She’s an actress! She is sticking to that fake storyline of having lost the love of her life. The relationship was manufactured in a publicist’s office.
October 23, 2013

It totally crushed one of his teenage dreams

This former A list celebrity who was A list because of a group he was in, was working with this washed up former B-/C+ list mostly television actress. The actress had been someone he always wanted to have sex with and even though she is married she agreed to have sex with our celebrity. Apparently they never got to the sex because she was all made up for the project they were on and she didn't want her hair or makeup messed up and her tan was also kind of wet. Plus he said that she reeked of the cigs she had been chain smoking all morning. It totally crushed one of his teenage dreams.