October 4, 2013

Unless she finds someone fast she is going to have to go back to reality

This former reality star from a very hit show turned really bad actress who can't get work after several bombs in a row has blown through her beard money on drugs and debts of a family member. Unless she finds someone fast she is going to have to go back to reality.
October 4, 2013

Shopping for lingerie in sizes that are about quadruple her size

The girlfriend of this male national television talk show host was spotted shopping for lingerie in sizes that are about quadruple her size. She bought lots of items. She is not known as someone who shies away from kinky and this would seem to prove it.
October 4, 2013

Strip tease for two NFL guys

This B- list mostly television actress who has a chance to be one of the few stars from a network hit show to actually succeed when it finally gets mercifully canceled has a boyfriend. They live together. It didn't stop her from doing a strip tease for two NFL guys this past weekend and giving them a lap dance they will look at on their phones forever.
October 4, 2013

How is that a turn on?

This former A+ list singer of a strangely named group who is now probably a B+ lister who will remain there forever has a 19 year old boyfriend and he makes the teen call the singer grandpa. How is that a turn on?
October 4, 2013

I’m not sure how or why her husband sticks with her

This actress is B list. Mostly television. She was on a VERY hot show back in the day for an almost network. She has been working since she was a teen and is now a couple of decades beyond that. She has never learned to be nice though. Despite being in failure after failure she hasn't changed. I'm not sure how or why her husband sticks with her. This week while doing press for her new show our actress had spit flying out of her mouth as she yelled at a doorman for setting down one of her pieces of luggage on the sidewalk. Not thrown. Set down gently. He did it so he could open the door for her.
October 4, 2013

The tension between the two actors is bad

You may notice some weird tension between two actors who are out promoting a project together. Well, we’re going to tell you the story about exactly why one absolutely hates the other! These two good-looking male actors have some mutual friends. So when they started working on a project together, they became close rather quickly. Unfortunately, a lot of their time together centered around doing drugs. The Younger Actor had been using coke, pot and ecstasy for years. However, his intake of coke dramatically increased when he began to party with the Older Actor.
October 4, 2013

In her own country she is not even respected any longer

This B-/C+ list actress who had better luck as a model still likes to pretend she has that B+ list actor boyfriend who has turned one good role into a great career. The thing is though everyone in her country knows she is a kept woman by a man who is in the top 5 richest men on the planet. In her own country she is not even respected any longer.
October 3, 2013

They are just itching to move on to their next relationship

It’s hard to imagine a more beautiful couple than this pair. But two people who have beauty and fame and money don’t necessarily make for a happy marriage! Neither one of these celebrities had a particularly good track record going into the relationship when it came to fidelity, but things definitely got worse after they moved in together. Now the love match is completely over. The public story is that the relationship just ran it’s course and that one party was tired of the lack of commitment of the other party. But we’re going to tell you the private reason behind the split: cheating! Yes, that’s the real reason they are breaking up.