October 11, 2013

She would sell him out in a second but leave her own name out of it

This B- list mostly television actress who most recently had a recurring role on that show on the almost network that was about their only good show. Anyway she ran into this A list funny actor who got his start on television but is mostly movies now. Emphasis on mostly. He is married. Our actress came up to him and point blank told the guy that if he ever wanted to have a no strings affair that he should come to her. Don't believe her. She talks to gossip people ALL the time. She would sell him out in a second but leave her own name out of it.
October 11, 2013

Our A lister said of course she would be happy to help

This A- list mostly television actress who has been on my television every day in a new commercial was asked by a fellow actress on the same network for some help with her own show that has been struggling. Our A lister said of course she would be happy to help and then does absolutely nothing. The A lister knows the show is going down and doesn't want to be associated with it.
October 11, 2013

He started cutting back with this assistant

This actor is A list. I don't know how many people have earned permanent A list but he has to be there. Television movies and theatre and he has been a star in all of them. He has been working non-stop for almost 40 years and has gone from one hit television show to the next with some truly memorable film roles thrown in the mix. He has been married forever to an actress. They have gone through lots of ups and downs and over the past few years it seems as if there have been more downs than ups and part of the problem is our actor's heavy drinking but also part of the problem is one of his assistants.
October 11, 2013


Our mystery lady lyricist would have you believe ‘dehydration’ is to blame for why she fainted at a Florida airport, late last month. We’re told otherwise. According to our insider, not only was our blind item pregnant at the time of the incident … "she was also suffering from some kind of infection and untreated STD" causing her to faint as she stepped off the airplane. This Trick Daddy prodigy — who’s half Dominican, half Bahamian — may think she’s ‘The Baddest B’ … but she’s really nothing more than one of the industry’s biggest tricks. Don’t believe me.. Ask Da Brat-Tat-Tat, who hit Dat!
October 11, 2013

That is one way to cheat

This A list mostly television actor who is incredibly funny and very talented and on a very hit network show was at a play the other night for about twenty minutes. He then excused himself and went and hooked up with a lover and made it back by the end of the play and couldn't stop raving about it. That is one way to cheat.
October 11, 2013

She has made very smart investments in men

This A list celebrity/reality star/judge went on a vacation with her latest guy. He paid for everything including the private jet and the suites but never got to spend time with the star. Was he busy at work? Nope. The star said that since it was their first vacation together that they should take things slow and she insisted that they spend the night in different suites at the same hotel and she only saw him one night for anything other than dinner. She is definitely a money first kind of relationship. Well, it's why she has so much money. She has made very smart investments in men.
October 11, 2013

He is bisexual!

There is so much real-life drama going on with the cast behind the scenes at this hit television show that we are going to have a new or SOLVED item about them every day this week! First up: a young actor. He is good-looking, a true "triple threat", and a fan favorite. He plays a gay character on the show, but he claims to be straight and to have a long-time girlfriend in real life. Lots of fans have tried to guess his sexuality, but his antics have caused a lot of confusion about which sex he prefers. So, which is it? Is he straight or is he gay? Well, you will be happy to know that we have the definitive answer: Neither. He is bisexual! We will have lots more to say about which of his relationships are real and which are fake this week. Yes, there are some of both and we have all the juicy details! Stay tuned!
October 10, 2013

She screams at her fans that she is all about street cred

This former child actress turned tweener actress turned model/celebrity/singer is trying to raid her last remaining big balance trust account to finance her latest music project. She has gone through almost every penny she earned because of her music and her drugs and has no income coming in any longer. She likes to pretend she is above all of it but she misses wearing Louboutin heels while she screams at her fans that she is all about street cred.