October 14, 2013

Still ended up having sex for money

Despite the party in her honor, this former A list celebrity/singer and now a very unlucky B-/C+ lister still ended up having sex for money the other night as she tries to make ends meet.
October 13, 2013

After years of perfecting his cheating system he just can’t stop using it

This actor is A+ list. Of course he needs to make sure he makes good movies to keep that listing. I don't see him dropping beneath an A for the next five years no matter what he does and he will be at a B forever even if he throws out bombs for the next two decades. Everyone thinks he picks bad movies because he doesn't know what is good. Nope. he picks bad movies because he thinks with the brain between his legs. Our actor knows what makes a good movie but he also knows that when he works on a movie he gets to be free. He can live out his bachelor days again with a woman or two on set. He tries to never work close to home because it's not as fun for him.
October 13, 2013

She thought he was dead

This B- list Academy Award winner/nominee actor has not been working as much lately and one of the reasons is his drug use which has got so bad that he passed out on the top of a woman he picked up at a bar earlier in the night and she ended up having to call the hotel front desk to get him off her. She thought he was dead. This will be revealed.
October 13, 2013

He takes very good care of her so she must be very good to him

This married A+ list mostly movie actor signed his favorite B- list mostly television actress/mistress for a small role in his new movie and has already arranged to get her cast on a new television show. He takes very good care of her so she must be very good to him. I wonder if his actress wife knows.
October 13, 2013

She had never met a guy who acted less like a guy

The actress from Blind Item #1 once starred in a movie with this A list celebrity/B list mostly movie actor and she says she would never do it again. She says that he whined like a little baby every day and that she had never met a guy who acted less like a guy. He complained about everything from his wardrobe to the temperature of the drinks that assistants brought him to his lines and screen time and that crew members would have an over/under every day of how many times he would complain. If the celebrity/actor was there all day, the number was never below twenty.
October 13, 2013

She’s hosting all her cougar sexy in public

Is this Singer too desperate? She likes em' young, but is she trying to hard to hold on to her man? She's hosting all her cougar sexy in public to close that decade gap between them …....and shoo away the rumored groupies.
October 13, 2013

Have you seen the goody bag?

This B+ list mostly movie actress who might eke it back out again to A- after her recent franchise, was at a charity event this past week and was asked about it on the red carpet. The actress said she didn't know anything about the charity but was sure it was great. Then why was she there she was asked. "Have you seen the goody bag? Everyone knows this is the best one to get."
October 13, 2013

She told him that she was gay

This former B list mostly television actor who is as rich as much as he loves to cheat was hitting on this almost A list mostly television actress who was on a hit network show. She told him that she was gay. Our rich B lister said he could come up with enough money to make her give him a shot. She said no way. He whispered a number in her ear and she said they could go to dinner right then and discuss it.