January 11, 2014

He says she embarrasses him with her behavior

This A list reality star who has A list amounts of money, took his wife off restriction. He let her out of the house. That doesn't happen very often because he says she embarrasses him with her behavior. Yeah, well you would do a ton of drugs and booze if you were married to the guy too.
January 10, 2014

She has ‘The Cup’ go wherever she goes

This celebrity's weight has always been the subject of a lot of gossip and headlines. She goes up, she goes down, and it's usually tied directly to what drug she is on at the time, (she goes through phases where it's all about the ecstasy or it's all about the adderall, always washed down with booze and a painkiller/Xanax chaser) most recently a dramatic weightloss that she can't wait to have in the headlines as she boasts her new, super healthy lifestyle and the wonders it's doing for her life. Well, it's not a super healthy lifestyle, I mean duh. Can't be on drugs when you're trying to be healthy, but this takes her new bizarre behavior to a whole new level.
January 10, 2014

Eventually someone else had to pay

This Million Dollar Listing realtor tried to buy lunch for a table of ten this week and his card was declined. The next one too. Eventually someone else had to pay.
January 10, 2014

Her current beau’s seedy past

This reality star had no problem feeding you all the positive aspects of her courtship and marriage for ratings. When the marriage crumbled, however, she didn’t feel quite as compelled to tell you the truth. That sort of duplicity seems to be rearing its head once again in her new relationship. She wants you to believe that she is currently dating someone who is very successful and very desirable. So it’s doubtful that she will disclose her current beau’s seedy past. Like the fact that he and one of his fraternity brothers were expelled from college after being found guilty of raping a female student.
January 10, 2014

The pawn shop said they don’t loan money on bags

This very recent one hit wonder was in a NYC pawn shop yesterday trying to get money for a bag she paid $25K for. When the pawn shop said they don't loan money on bags because they could be fake, the foreign born singer begged them to at least give her a couple of thousand. They said no so she eventually gave them a piece of jewelry to get the money she needed.
January 10, 2014

Actor choked a woman on New Year’s Eve in front of several people

This B-/C+ list actor who recently lost his gig on a network show that has seen better days since it's peak a couple of years ago choked a woman on New Year's Eve in front of several people but she hasn't pressed charges and was from a different country so the actor might get really lucky. People were pulling him off her because she was close to passing out. They were both drunk.
January 10, 2014

He spends an hour each day picking up trash

This A list mostly movie actor who used to be A+ when his comedies would open like crazy spends an hour each day picking up trash either from the side of the road or the beach. That doesn't seem like a lot but think about 9 people spending a full work week picking up trash and that is what it equals. Good for him.
January 10, 2014

He just watched his girlfriend while he was fully clothed

This former almost A list movie actor who split with his wife and watched his career nosedive has cheated on his girlfriend for years. She still sticks with him though and this week the couple were out of town and hired an escort for two hours. No tip and our actor didn't participate. He just watched his girlfriend while he was fully clothed the whole time. Apparently he spent a great deal of time texting too.