October 13, 2013

She’s decided to not be serious with anyone until her ex dies.

Friends of this A-list mostly TV actor and this B-list now mostly TV actress, have been hoping these two would finally realize their love connection and get together. She's the only woman he's even considered dating in the almost decade since his marriage ended, and she loves how warm and kind he is, and seems to not have any of the usual demons her loves of the past have had. They've been spending a lot of time together lately, and the sparks are definitely flying.
October 12, 2013

He likes to chase the dragon

"He’s really abusive and rude … with males and females." This music mogul’s lifestyle, reported to be dedicated to Satanic worship [involving ritualistic sex], is the reason why one of his former artists left the music business for good to turn to Christianity. That’s after Kelis reportedly had "many abortions" of our blind item’s unborn kids. Long before she got with Nas, and Jay Z made Bey his bride …
October 12, 2013

Sad and tragic tale: She shut up and kept taking more drugs

This is a sad and tragic tale and I am leaving a lot of it out because it is a blind item and not a book. I am just giving you the highlights of what was headed towards a promising career as a being famous for being famous celebrity and instead is a cautionary tale of everything that can go wrong. At her peak our celebrity/reality star/actress made it to A/B/C respectively. She thought she had made it big when she got called for an audition for a part in a huge box office budget type movie. She didn't even mind sleeping with a producer to get cast.
October 12, 2013

It is about something that happened when she was 8

This foreign born C+ list mostly movie actress with B list name recognition who sometimes models has a very big secret. The secret is so big that she won't even do any interviews ever for fear it will be brought up. The only time she will do any interviews is if she knows exactly the questions that will be asked and if she gets final editing just in case it is asked. It is about something that happened when she was 8. This will be revealed.
October 12, 2013

All I know is her ex would have jumped all over it.

This B list mostly movie actress (#1) and most of the time girlfriend to this A list mostly movie actor who used to have a thing way back in the day for Britney Spears once accepted an offer from a truly spectacular B- list mostly movie actress (#2) to be in a threesome with #2 and #2's husband. For the first time I can remember the husband turned it down. He said he turned it down because he didn't want to ruin the career of #2. Umm, it could only help considering what she has been in. All I know is her ex would have jumped all over it.
October 12, 2013

Her skin is back to that deathly pale look

The cheating on both sides of the relationship is fine with each of these A list mostly movie actors so I guess that means it would be an open thing rather than a cheating thing. What isn't ok with the A list male in the relationship is the drug use by his female partner. She had stopped for about a year except for pot, but she is back heavy on the one she loves most and her skin is back to that deathly pale look that makes you shudder when you see it up close. This will be revealed.
October 12, 2013

She says that she spends about half her income on guys.

This Academy Award winner/nominee mostly movie actress has a fairly well known name but is probably just a B- lister. She is trying her hand a little at television and maybe that will boost her list a bit. She is hoping that the money she makes from the show will help her get out of the debt her family has got her into and help her pay for the stable of young guys she keeps on hand to make her feel young. She says that she spends about half her income on guys.
October 12, 2013

While they were having sex he kept saying, “Forgive me Jesus,”

So, I had a little chat with this former A list celebrity and now someone who is trying to take life one day at a time and has been through a whole lot the past five years. She told me one of the funniest anecdotes ever and I'm making it a blind. A few years ago when our celebrity was at the height of her fame and before it all came crashing to the ground she was and for that matter still is gorgeous. She walked a red carpet and this B-/C+ list actor from a very famous family started talking to her. And then followed her around all night and kept hitting on her and finally convinced our actress to have sex at his hotel. She says that while they were having sex he kept saying, "Forgive me Jesus," the entire time they had sex. Yes, during actual thrusting.