December 24, 2013

She wants to be back on top again

This former A list singer/celebrity/mostly television actress may be about to get married but it doesn't mean she won't have sex for songs because she is the queen of it. She wants to be back on top again and even had sex with a guy who had been married just two weeks.
December 24, 2013

He gave $1000 each to ten different homeless people

This long time whipping boy on the site and A+ list mostly movie actor gave $1000 each to ten different homeless people he came across yesterday.
December 24, 2013

She thinks her husband found a boyfriend, but isn’t sure

This A list model/B- list mostly movie actress has been in the news this week. She says that she has finally realized that her husband just doesn't like women and that he is loving his new job because he is around guys all the time and never wants to come home. She told someone on the set of her shoot that she thinks he found a boyfriend, but isn't sure.
December 24, 2013

The singer reportedly introduces the woman to friends as family

A certain glorified studio singer is rumored to be bisexual. According to a well-connected source who is familiar with the singer’s sexual proclivities, the 32-year-old singer began experimenting with women in her mid-20s. The singer’s faithful Atlanta-based road manager is a known lesbian. And certain members of her all-female backing band are lesbians as well as half of her dancers. The source says the singer surrounds herself with stud lesbians on the road during her current tour because she loves the attention they lavish on her. The bisexual rumors have been floated for years, but the recent addition of a certain lesbian to the singer’s entourage has fanned the flames.
December 24, 2013

For the record she is still completely homophobic

This former B list reality star and now a C list celebrity was at a NOH8 event recently and said she was all for gay rights but it wasn't that long ago she contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to fight against gay marriage and said it was a sin. I guess she follows the cameras. For the record she is still completely homophobic.
December 24, 2013

She knows her way around a razor and rolled up bill

This Real Housewife from the southeast was doing line after line of coke the other night. She might seem like a naive airhead but she knows her way around a razor and rolled up bill.
December 24, 2013

His wife waits up for him

This might be the first time this B+ list brilliant movie and television actor has been in the blinds. For years he has been faithful to his wife when she was the only one who would stick by his side when things were rough. Now when things are better he has found a very early 20's red head who he met when he visited an acting class. They have been inseparable while his wife waits up for him. With their kid(s).
December 23, 2013

Maybe she should just date

She might be young, but this almost A list tween television actress/celebrity/singer is becoming quite the serial cheater. Three relationships that ended with her cheating all in the past year. Maybe she should just date.